Monday, March 16, 2009

Rocky Horror Picture Show

I'm nostalgic, but only to a certain extent.

I love my vinyl Collection.
I love film cameras.
I love 70's Cinema...

However, the Rocky Horror Picture show is beyond my "certain extent."

Last weekend, I had some friends in town and wanted to show them a good time. I had passed by the local theater (The Plaza theater) and noticed that it was playing the Rocky Horror Picture show (RHPS) and suggested we all go see it. Of course, I knew of the shenanigans and what to expect...

RHPS takes the Cinema experience to a height I have ever seen experienced before. Along with a screening you can also expect a live performance as well. The performers literally bring the show to the audience with various props and gags. In addition, the crowd participates by somehow turning rude comments into an art form throughout the show.

Personally, I felt that the RHPS is an artifact from the 70's that was revolutionary at the time but is somewhat stale nowadays. As with anything I can respect the tradition and the nostalgia. However, I feel it is a product of a bygone era.

Perhaps it was either the nostalgia or the flying popcorn and pixey sticks that gave me the feeling of being back in Milton High School's cafeteria. Whatever it was, it reminded me of those years and the various tables in the cafeteriaduring lunch time. Of course you had the staple "Black table", "The in crowd table", "The ESOL Table", and the "Social Outcast table". Going to the RHPS you are defintely at the latter. I found much of the humor childish and the show did little to stimulate my interest. It seemed to make a point of being a freakshow with more emphasis on freak than an actual show. But then again, that is what I expected.

RHPS is a cult film. There is something for everybody. RHPS is'nt for me. In 2006, I participated in the Warriors weekend in Atlanta and got a chance to see The Warriors on the big screen. It was great to see all the other Warriors enthusiast "come out and play". It was, by far, one of the greatest weekends of my life...

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