Friday, November 13, 2009

Films That I have seen recently

Cassavettes can not make a bad film if he tried. "Faces" proves this point.

What makes his films so great is the fact they feel so real. Shot in a Cinema Verite style, the films begin to blur the line between fact and fiction as his actors improvise their lines. I am very nostalgic as well, and I appreciate the period in which he made these films.

This film is the Chinese Mean Streets.

This film is different than his later films, but it is still a great watch. It definetly has that Hong Kong Cinema feel and Cinemascape. In addition, his later films focus on Love between lovers. However this film, it is the love of a friendship that takes the central theme.

I cried laughing watching this film.

I reviewed the preview of this film as part of my blaxploitation month blog special. This film delievered everything I could have hoped for and more. Like Dolemite, I had to watch this film multiple times.

David Mamet's dialouge is like listening a Ghostface Killa's rhyme; he is going to catch you off guard with his word play.

This film was an introduction to Mamet's work, and i look forward to see more of his films. I loved the way the film positioned the relationship as a con and risky psychological game of death.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Forgotten History

How come the history channel does not have specials about the African Diaspora (Slavery)?