Sunday, June 21, 2009

2012, its back...

Yahoo news recently posted an exclusive trailer of the 2012 film. I posted the first trailer from this film a few months back, but it was taken off youtube in no time.

This new trailer shows the film will contain biblical references including, blatant nods at Noah's ark and a crack between Adam and God's fingers in the Sistine chapel.

Another interesting addition to film's trailer is the Black President. In 1998's "Deep Impact", Morgan Freeman played the President of the United States. Both "2012" and "Deep Impact" are considered disaster movies. It is clear; If the President is black, the world must be coming to an end! Psuedo-Racist innuendos aside, I wonder will the black President be used as political commentary? If so, will it be negative or positive?

I think one of the most obvious shortcomings of the film is its similarities to "War of the Worlds." Like WOTW, the main character is a Father trying to save his family as the World nears destruction. Do we need another WOTW?

As I've said before, I personally want 2 hours of sheer destruction. Why not pull a "Pyscho" and kill the main character in the beginning of the film? Imagine "Koyaanisqatsi" with burning landmarks throughout the world and mass panic. I believe that is what we are all waiting to see, but will never see....... until 2012.