Tuesday, March 24, 2009

History Channel?

What is up with the History Channel nowadays?

The only thing on The History channel is the Ax Men and shows about Aliens!

Why is the show Ax Men constantly on the History Channel? The closest comparison i can think of is how radio stations play the same song over and over due to payola. What does this show have to do with History? I should have saw the signs of the end when they premiered that Ice trucker show. With programming such as these, It seems to be an ill fated attempt at trying to compete with the Discovery channel and TLC. People watch the history channel for history, not documentaries about extreme jobs...

Granted, the history channel has always showed programs about space and aliens, but it has recently gone over board. Alien contact has not been proven as HISTORICAL fact. These shows probably drive up the ratings, but again, this has nothing to do with HISTORY.

As a teenager, I remember watching the history channel and actually learning things. Perhaps those days are just that; History...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Love at first sight?

I dont believe in love at first sight, but I do believe in LUST at first sight... It has gotten me into trouble In the past.

Her name was Diary of the Dead... After coming across the first scene of the film and trailer, I was completely blown away. As a huge fan of the original Dawn of the Dead, I was hyped about going to see this film. I even drug out my friend Alex Hate to come see it with me. To say the least, DOTD was the worst film that I had seen in 2008. Furthermore, I was embarrassed that I had wasted my friends time... The film started off with great potential, but failed to deliver in almost every category except gore. It's true; You can't judge a book by it's cover and you can't judge a movie by it's trailer.

The other night I ran across a trailer for a film called The longest Summer. I was blown away by the feel and imagery of this film. The trailer has a grungy aestheitc with hand held and reportage-like cinematography. I am starting to notice I have an infatuation with the 98-99 trends in filmmaking. I see this film feeling something like another film from 1998, Belly. Like Belly, this film was somewhat panned by critics. However, as you might know, I am a fan of Belly. Perhaps, The longest Summer is another hidden gem.

I went to the local Independent video store, Video Drome ("Product plug! Product Plug!"), and tried to find The longest Summer. Unfourtanetly, they didnt have the film, but they said they had some of Fruit Chan's other films. I decided to give Hollywood Hong Kong a try. I must admit, I did not read much about the film and got it on the strength of The longest Summer's movie trailer. With this in mind, I did not get what I expected and I was not really blown away by the direction of the film. To me, the film felt like the Chinese answer to Delicatessen. I'm not a fan of that movie either.

Although I did not like Fruit Chan's other film, I am still intrigued by The longest Summer's trailer. As with any great trailer, the more I watch it, the more I Lust to see the film...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Im sorry... You deserve only the best.

Because my previous post was so painful to watch, I decided to treat you all with some films that I am anxiously anticipating.

It is no secret, Jarmusch is up there on my list. As a matter of fact, he's on my starting line up. As an avid lover of New York Cinema, my starting five would be...

PG- Spike Lee * What's a NY Basketball team without Spike?
SG- Martin Scorsese *The Micheal Jordan of NY Film makers!
3 spot- Jim Jarmusch *My Larry Bird. The most dependable in clutch situations.
PF- Abel Ferrara *I need someone to get dirty in the paint.
C- Wong Kar Wai *I have to have an Yao Ming on my squad!

I see Jarmusch's upcoming film, "The Limits of Control", as a mixture of Desperado, Kill Bill, and Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai. Collaborating with Isaach De Bankole for the fourth time, I see a relationship evolving between the two similar Jarmusch's working relationship with Bill Murray (who is also in the film) and Tom waits. However, unlike the other relationships, I see, at least in this film, something more like a Director Frederico Fellini and Actor Marcello Mastroianni relationship where the director uses the actor as an on screen representation of self. I am anxious to see this film on the big screen and look forward to writing a review about this film...

If Jarmushch Scores, he might walk away as this season's MVP...

With my last name being Acosta, I admit, I might have a biological disposition to being attracted to "Sin Nombre".
As Brown becomes the gray area in America's historically Black and White political/ social landscape, I hope to see more mainstream film releases from this sect of American life. In the seventies, there was a wave of second generation Italians that took over Cinema. Perhaps the next generation of great American screenwriters, directors, and Actors will be of Hispanic origin.

Apparently, this film impressed a lot of people at Sundance and won "Excellence in Direction" and "Excellence in Cinematography." It might be early to say, but I think Slumdog Millionaire might have started a trend...

Trailer Trash

Ok, I'm calling it... Dragonball Evolution will go down in history as one of the worst films ever made. Sure, this film has not been released yet, but it is an obvious scheme to cash into the "Comic book" craze. What gets to me the most, is the fact this live action rendition stems so far away from the source material that it will make die hard fans upset. In addition, I honestly don't see anyone over 21 going to see this film. I feel that this is right up the alley of the Super Mario Brothers live action film. I might be wrong, but I am willing to call this one a flop early...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Rocky Horror Picture Show

I'm nostalgic, but only to a certain extent.

I love my vinyl Collection.
I love film cameras.
I love 70's Cinema...

However, the Rocky Horror Picture show is beyond my "certain extent."

Last weekend, I had some friends in town and wanted to show them a good time. I had passed by the local theater (The Plaza theater) and noticed that it was playing the Rocky Horror Picture show (RHPS) and suggested we all go see it. Of course, I knew of the shenanigans and what to expect...

RHPS takes the Cinema experience to a height I have ever seen experienced before. Along with a screening you can also expect a live performance as well. The performers literally bring the show to the audience with various props and gags. In addition, the crowd participates by somehow turning rude comments into an art form throughout the show.

Personally, I felt that the RHPS is an artifact from the 70's that was revolutionary at the time but is somewhat stale nowadays. As with anything I can respect the tradition and the nostalgia. However, I feel it is a product of a bygone era.

Perhaps it was either the nostalgia or the flying popcorn and pixey sticks that gave me the feeling of being back in Milton High School's cafeteria. Whatever it was, it reminded me of those years and the various tables in the cafeteriaduring lunch time. Of course you had the staple "Black table", "The in crowd table", "The ESOL Table", and the "Social Outcast table". Going to the RHPS you are defintely at the latter. I found much of the humor childish and the show did little to stimulate my interest. It seemed to make a point of being a freakshow with more emphasis on freak than an actual show. But then again, that is what I expected.

RHPS is a cult film. There is something for everybody. RHPS is'nt for me. In 2006, I participated in the Warriors weekend in Atlanta and got a chance to see The Warriors on the big screen. It was great to see all the other Warriors enthusiast "come out and play". It was, by far, one of the greatest weekends of my life...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

March Madness

My car broke down last night. Not fun... But one of the upsides to immobility is the fact that i can put more time into my blog and my new website.

In correaltion with these recent developments and the fact that Atlanta is being over taken by NCAA basketball tournaments, I have deemed this month's series March Madness.

This month's theme is loose and wont be as cohesive as last month's Black Cinema series. I will present everything from films that make me mad to films that the director must have been mad to make. Ok, I agree; This is'nt the best idea for a series, but then again, I can't do much with the March of Dimes...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Broken Flowers (Directed by Jim Jarmusch)

*Click to watch free on Hulu.

This is the movie that Vincent Gallo wished he made with Brown Bunny.

From beginning to end I was glued to the screen. I think it is safe to say that Jim Jarmusch can not make a bad film.

In Broken Flowers, Jarmusch showed his status as a veteran director. Allsuions to films like Kubrick's Lolita added a great deal of flavor to this story. Also, I admire how Jarmusch transcended the charater of his neighbor, Winston, into various symbols. The character of Winston was present in the form of a music CD that he had given Don. He was also mentioned as a great companion in the form of the Animal Communicator's deceased "Animal friend". These were great touches to the film.

For some, the ending of the film does not provide enough closer. For me, It goes back to the saying; Like Father Like Son.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Popcorn!!! Quick Reviews

Ganja and Hess- I don’t know what is scarier; The fact that this movie is considered art or the fact that I sat through the entirety of this film. While this might have been a milestone for on-screen black identity, it is one that has been seemingly forgotten by blacks as a mass. I argue that this might not be such a bad thing.

Menace to Society- The Hughes brothers were individually twenty years old when they made this film! They directed this tale of street life and it’s predictable outcome with the playful imagination of someone half their age but with the discipline of someone twice their age.

Belly- Everyone in my generation has Attention Deficit Disorder. We can’t help it. Thanks to Hype Williams, we have a film that we can set through. Originally panned by critics as eye candy without substance, this film has found a devout cult following in recent years… In the commentary, Williams said that he had hours of deleted footage. I will know that heaven has got a ghetto, when I see the Criterion release for Belly!