Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Im sorry... You deserve only the best.

Because my previous post was so painful to watch, I decided to treat you all with some films that I am anxiously anticipating.

It is no secret, Jarmusch is up there on my list. As a matter of fact, he's on my starting line up. As an avid lover of New York Cinema, my starting five would be...

PG- Spike Lee * What's a NY Basketball team without Spike?
SG- Martin Scorsese *The Micheal Jordan of NY Film makers!
3 spot- Jim Jarmusch *My Larry Bird. The most dependable in clutch situations.
PF- Abel Ferrara *I need someone to get dirty in the paint.
C- Wong Kar Wai *I have to have an Yao Ming on my squad!

I see Jarmusch's upcoming film, "The Limits of Control", as a mixture of Desperado, Kill Bill, and Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai. Collaborating with Isaach De Bankole for the fourth time, I see a relationship evolving between the two similar Jarmusch's working relationship with Bill Murray (who is also in the film) and Tom waits. However, unlike the other relationships, I see, at least in this film, something more like a Director Frederico Fellini and Actor Marcello Mastroianni relationship where the director uses the actor as an on screen representation of self. I am anxious to see this film on the big screen and look forward to writing a review about this film...

If Jarmushch Scores, he might walk away as this season's MVP...

With my last name being Acosta, I admit, I might have a biological disposition to being attracted to "Sin Nombre".
As Brown becomes the gray area in America's historically Black and White political/ social landscape, I hope to see more mainstream film releases from this sect of American life. In the seventies, there was a wave of second generation Italians that took over Cinema. Perhaps the next generation of great American screenwriters, directors, and Actors will be of Hispanic origin.

Apparently, this film impressed a lot of people at Sundance and won "Excellence in Direction" and "Excellence in Cinematography." It might be early to say, but I think Slumdog Millionaire might have started a trend...

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