Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Golden Chicken (Director Samson Chiu)

I guess the stereotype is true… I cannot resist Golden Chicken.

This story of an aging prostitute sharing her memories of her 20 years in the profession to a would be robber in a locked ATM booth caught my attention when I initially picked up the box cover at Video 21. I knew I would love the film.
Initially, I thought the similarities to Nights of Cabiria made me love the film. However, I believe the performance of actress Sandra Ng was one that stands on its own. I felt that her performance as a fun loving and compassionate person, who happens to be a prostitute ,was stronger than Giulietta Masina’s performance as Cabiria. The actress’s expressions of joy were sincere throughout the film. By the end of the film, I felt that the main character was one of my best friends.
Another strong aspect of this film is the plot. I thought it was interesting to view 20 years of Chinese history through the eyes of a prostitute. Furthermore it was great to see how outside forces, such as the economy affected her trade. It was funny to see the transitioning of styles and wardrobes as well.

This film is one that I will watch for years to come… I hear that there is a sequel. I doubt that it can top this film, but this film left me itching to see more from the main character.

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