Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dolemite! (Directed by D'Urville Martin)

Just because a movie is bad doesn’t mean it is not entertaining. Rarely, a film is so bad that it is great. Dolemite is one of those rare exceptions.
It has been about an hour since I finished Dolemite and this tale of a storytelling pimp continues to make me laugh. I am amazed by how many rappers and entertainers have been influenced by this movie. As a matter of fact, ODB from the Wutang Clan (my favorite hip hop group) used scenes from this film in one of his music videos.
Here is the run down of the film:
The movie starts like other exploitation films as a black pimp is released from prison to help catch the pimp and crooked cops who initially framed him into the prison sentence. Then it gets interesting: Sex in cars, Shootouts in broad daylight on a two lane highway, Dolemite makes a white man dance to avoid bullets (only to be shot point blank), castration, crooked cops who openly snort cocaine, black revolutionary preacher with automatic weapons, sex, X-rated Nursery Rhymes, consensual rape, Prostitutes who practice Kung Fu, The player’s ball with pimps dressed in their finest gear, a grand finale fight scene featuring prostitutes with kung fu grips, somebody’s bladder gets ripped out, and of course more murder…

The acting in this movie is horrible! The direction of this movie is horrible! There are scenes where you can literally see the boom microphones in the frame. However, writer and star Rudy Ray Moore’s cursing rants and X-rated Nursery rhymes easily over shadow these negative aspects. With lines like, “You no business born insecure MUTHA FUCKAS!” and “Man! Move on and let me pass before I have to pull MY HUSHPUPPIES OUT YO ASS!” this film was obviously used as a vehicle to unleash some long pent up anger towards white people. Few movies top Dolemite in its use of Curse words and deliberate chauvinistic view of women.
If taken serious, this film is offensive to everybody. So expect and appreciate the worse in filmmaking when you look at this film “You movie going butter popcorn EATING MUTHA F***AS!”

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