Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Medicine for Melancholy

Medicine for Melancholy is the debut film of director Barry Jenkins. I have not personally seen the film, but apparently it takes place the day after a one night stand as two lovers are trying to get to know one another. It is tagged as "A night they barely remember becomes a day they'll never forget."

From the trailer, it seems like a departure from the run of the mill black films. It features two Hip, Fixed Gear Riding, African Americans. It will be interesting to see how this story turns out. The only thing that I can forsee being a problem is the acting by the Male lead Wyatt Cenac. Again, I have yet to see the film but I was not impressed by the trailer.

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Nina_Lovehall said...

This flick has the potential to be a good love story. I wouldn’t be worry about the male actor; if it’s his acting it could be that the director wanted him to portray the character in a certain light. After all it is just the trailer.