Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mikey and Nikey (Directed by Elaine May)

This past month, I saw a drought in my cinema experience. I honestly did not see a movie interesting enough to propel me to write about it.

Mikey and Nicky was the Indian Rain Dance i needed to get me writing again.

The real life friendship of Peter Faulk and John Cassavetes is easily translated into this film. I think half of the reason this film is so great, is because these two are really good friends and the improvisation feels genuine. At times, the film comes off more as a documentary rather than a fictional film.

John Cassavetes plays Nicky, a gangster on the run from the mob after some bad business. Mikey, played by Peter Faulk, comes to his rescue and seemingly tries to help him get out of the city before the mob catches up to him. However, early on it is implied that Mikey might have some Ulterior motives and might be setting him up.

This film serves as a classic study of a friendship on thin ice. The dialogue in this film beautifully paints each characters psyche and paints the characters history together while completely remaining in the moment. No corny flashbacks in this film. The relationship between the two main characters reminds me of a couple of my own personal relationships. In particular, the film reminds me of my friend Ramon and I and also my friend Austin and I.

Ramon and I have been in a similar situation... details will be spared. During our situation, Ramon was in Nicky's shoes and I was in Mikey's. Although, the outcome of the film is far different than what happened in our situation, walking the thin ice in a relationship is very stressful. But I am happy to say that the ice froze over and Ramon remains one of my closest friends to this day. Crew.

Next week I have an old friend, Austin, coming to visit. I am stoked. When we were in high school we would get together with our friend Wahid and freestyle all day and night. We would hit up B boy (break dancing) events and ride around Atlanta admiring local graffiti. Perhaps it is the fact that Austin and I are both Leos, but every now and then we would brawl. I mean seriously brawl. But Wahid was always there to break it up... When we look back we always laugh, but i think that is a major part of why we have so much love for each other. It is a fact, tumultuous relationships are more interesting than calm "average" relationships. This is evident in Mikey and Nicky as you watch the two characters go from being best friends to worst enemies like the weather patterns. It is just so damn interesting...

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