Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Directed by David Fincher)

When you really think about it... there is no way that this film could have been good. Honestly, the film is a gimmick. I must admit even I fell for the hype and added to it by posting a trailer on my blog.

I saw this film last weekend with a couple friends so the film isn't as fresh as it could be but I still remember leaving the theater unsatisfied.

What gets to me the most is the fact that this film has parts of the film that are not related... There is a complete mini story that has no actual tie in to the film besides a weak attempt to use a clock as a metaphor. I have heard from a couple people, most notably my barber Troy, that this film was similar to Forrest Gump. I agree that this is a watered down version of Forrest Gump. Where Gump shined is where Button failed.

The beautiful thing about Gump was the fact that the director of that filmed tapped into our collective view of history and placed the character in the defining moments of the past 50 years. He utilized the fact that our memory of the past comes from the media that records it. Within this setting he was able to provide political commentary. Gump was a catylast of change. He was an Extrovert. Button was an introvert. This story is not so much about the changing of events in the world as it is about the changes that Button is experiencing. As Mick, one of the people i saw the film with, pointed out, this film would benefit if the Antiwar theme were more pronounced. I think the true meaning of the film is lost with the attempt to appeal to mainstream moviegoers...

If the aging backwards gimmick was taken away, this film would be considered the worst film of the year... It makes me curious to know what people see in Benjamin Button.